Crazy Is the #1 decentralized crowdfunding platform system on the globe.

Who owns and controls CrazyBTC?

CrazyBTC is a decentralized instant pay platform that is controlled and owned by the members. Each time a transaction takes place, it transpires directly peer to peer without any outside controlling entity from interfering. Just like Bitcoin this platform was created for and by the people placing everyday people in control. takes pride in being the PEOPLE’S Program!

What country did the creators of hail from?

The original creators of originated from Amsterdam and in partnership with top leaders from different continents and countries birthed the CBTC brand and program. uniquely takes away all risks involved with most programs in the marketplace, providing for the masses the most safe and robust AAA trustworthy platform available anywhere. Our super secure affords the very best encrypted end to end secure transactions available.

So what is the crowdfunding all about?

Crazy BTC is an opportunity with a cause and Global Mission , We believe that the major cause of poverty is the lack of exposure of resources and the lack of education in Financial literacy. For this cause we've created a project called W.I.N. and the W.I.N. University project.

The sole mission of this project is to be a beacon light in the world assisting to eradicate poverty worldwide. We believe this is accomplished by exposing those that normally wouldn't have the opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers and mentors in the areas of crypto, forex, options, futures and other vital areas pertaining to the ever growing and evolving world of finance. This includes also the intimate details and history and the evolution of such, ensuring that each person has a clear vision as to the what, when and how to adapt to and implement the new ways to progress in society on a day to day basis. We've painstakingly focused on solutions to help distribute and make readily available information to deprived pockets throughout the world that is essential.

This mission provides cost FREE to those in need the resources that are so vital for positive reinforcement and progression needed to change communities globally. We are extremely excited as we are officially scheduled to roll out phase I of this global mission August 2021. Crazy BTC


Learn directly from your own peers their expertise ranging from skills to product creations to motivation and personal development and other skills!


CBTC TURBO : Admin Share

Each time a new members joins your team you receive share in the CBTC Activation.


You receive sale #1 and sale #2 the Third cycle sale is passed up to your sponsor. You cycle and follow your sponsor to their new 1x3 matrix

Available at
August 1


For each person that lands on your pay line sale #1, sale #2, and sale #3 you receive and Sale #4 your cycle sale rolls up to your sponsor and causes you to cycle and follow your sponsor into their new 2x2 matrix.

CBTC Star Bonus

This is awarded to the Top 12 Producers within the community month after month!Each month qualifications start over on the 1st day of the month and are awarded the first business day the following month!

Minimum requirements are as follows:

Unlike other programs, All CBTC packages include the CBTC activation and are incorporated in the compensation plan! NO GOTCHAS!!!! WHAT??? YEP! NO GOTCHAS!!!!!


Frequently asked questions on comp plan:

Crazy the #1 Decentralized hybrid peer to peer smart crowdfunding/ crypto learning platform in the world.

Yes it is. This platform is global for users and community worldwide.

Getting started is easy, you will need a sponsor and a sponsor link to get started.

Currently BITCOIN is the currency of choice. There are discussions of possible expansion and diversity coming.

Crazy is very proud to offer the world a platform that will meet all within the community where they are in their knowledge of crypto currencies and trends etc. The purpose of the community is to create an environment of peer to peer learning as a community to stay abreast of all changes and updates, in the world of crypto. Also taking advantage of the simplisticness of peer to peer learning, wherein weve found works best for a vast majority of individuals creating a non intimidating judgeless environment. This combined with lectures and classes being taught by some of the most successful and knowledgeable individuals in the industry makes a great recipe for success for all members within the community. In today's world many have found themselves lost as investors and not knowing which direction to go, so what better way to learn than from your peers. Here you will find shared information and posts from other publications and platforms giving you that special edge. We like to call our network of individuals willing to share their knowledge, the Willing Investors Network. Or WIN. Here derives the WIN University and Institute.

No, our platform is a peer to peer information share, learning and peer to peer teaching platform, and peer to peer crowdfunding platform. In addition we have pros from different areas of instruction to share curriculum. Please note NO INVESTMENT advice will ever be given on our platform, and we only share first hand experiences member to member.

Our community comes together to support the causes of each member

Each member is required during the signup process to provide the cause of their choice for crowdfunding.

Each member is responsible for his or her taxes in accordance to their country or municipality. We recommend contacting your own tax professional for advice.

This is the admin share which uses the unilevel model. You may see this terminology interchanged from time to time. Each time a new members joins your team you receive share in the CBTC Activation

No you can only receive in the matrix you are participating in and the level you are Active in.

This is awarded to the Top 12 Producers within the community month after month. Each month qualifications start over on the 1st day of the month and are awarded the first business day the following month.

Unlike other programs, All CBTC packages include the CBTC activation and are incorporated in the compensation plan! NO GOTCHAS!!!! WHAT??? YEP! NO GOTCHAS!!!!!

No everything is included in each package, so no surprises or gotchas.

No you can participate in any matrix you desire? Or ALL matrixes! Remember you can only benefit and earn from the matrices you participate in.

Most people participate in all matrices because some users prefer the lighting fast 1x3 Others love the concept of fast moving 2x2 matrices, by joining all you position yourself to leverage and benefit from the masses.

No. You must Join the lower level in order to participate in the higher level above.

No. All packages are pre-programmed in the system, with all payments automatic including All peer to peer payments.

All payments are instant. ONLY exceptions occur in cases where miners or the Blockchain has delay for confirmations. 99% of the time all payments are processed instant or just within mins.

In many countries you must be 18 or older.

No, ALL payments are Peer to Peer and are instant. Crazy NEVER holds your BTC for any reason. You are paid directly as payments are pushed through without any third party interfering. NO ONE can ever take your BTC. Only participate if you know for certain you desire to participate in the Crowdfunding community as well as take advantage of the WIN Community Institute and University.

Even though this platform is automated, We are pleased to offer for you support which are there to assist you with any questions you may have, if they are unable to they will do the research, find the answers for you and add your important question to the FAQs.

You do. As a member of the community you control CBTC. This platform was created for the users, the community and members. This is a Bitcoin and crypto platform created by the people for the people as it should be.

This means there's no big wig at the top dominating and rationing out earning and commissions to the membership, but rather, the membership dictates the flow and the momentum and success of this amazing platform. Hence leaving each member the opportunity to and autonomy to receive, earn and learn as much as they desire, and also keep Crazy BTC around as long as desired!

Crazy is your official "You're in control zone " Finally!

No , these levels are not mandatory but are optional and are considered feeder levels to support persons who may desire to participate, but are financially challenged or in very low income locations and situations. It is our way of making things possible for all people

No you will not receive from these levels unless you have personally secured yourself